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    Cat Water Fountain Drinking Bowl

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    Did you know that a lot of cats are in a constant state of dehydration?

    A recent study has found that as many as 1 in 3 cats show symptoms of dehydration which in the worst case can lead to kidney disease.

    As cats get most of their water intake from the food they eat but are now mostly fed a diet of dry kibble, this leads to cats being dehydrated.

    Have you ever noticed your cat standing in front of the water faucet and licking off the water drops? Well, that's because cats prefer to drink moving water rather than still water that is found in their bowl.

    And exactly this is why we at I am Pets introduce you to the BEST WATER FOUNTAIN FOR CATS!





  • How can this pet water fountain help my cat drink more?
  • The natural sound of flowing water awakens your cats instincts and attracts it: Cats find it difficult to make out the water level in a traditional water bowl, however, the sound of gurgling water which is additionally lit by a blue LED light attracts a cats natural curiosity.


  • Is this drinking fountain safe for my cat?
  • Our water fountain is made of durable BPA Free Plastic and stainless steel. The excellent triple activated charcoal and ion filter that your cat always will have access to fresh and clean water.


  • How much water can the fountain hold?
  • Our pet drinking fountain holds 2.4 Litre of water, making it more than large enough to keep your cat hydrated all day long.
  • Is the water drinking fountain run on electricity?
  • It runs on electricity via a USB plug which can be plugged anywhere. 


  • Is the water fountain loud or makes any noise while its running?
  • The uniquely designed water pump is deployed with a customizable suction cup to diminish the noise to the minimum. All you will hear is the soothing gurgling of the water.


    LED Cat Water Fountain

    Package Contents

    • 1 2.4L Water Fountain
    • 1 Charcoal Ion Exchange Filter
    • 1 User Manual

    A hydrated cat is a happy cat!

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