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    How to choose the best bed for your dog

    Dogs are happy to lay their heads down pretty much anywhere.

    It is however important that your dog has its very own and designated place in the house for napping and sleeping.

    The right dog bed defines just that – a safe, secure and comfy spot for your best friend to find some much-needed sleep.

    Choosing the right bed for your dog 

    Your dog deserves good and comfortable bedding but there is no one size fits all when it comes to dog beds.

    To find the best bed for your dog you will need to consider many factors. Your dogs breed, size, age and weight are considered the fundamentals.

    As a responsible dog owner, you should go beyond the basics and further tailor your dog’s bed to its very own and personal requirements. What is their sleeping style, do they like to chew on things, are they nervous pee-ers or do they spend a lot of time outdoors and tend to drag dirt into the house are some of the questions you ought to consider.

    According to SLEEP.ORG dogs sleep up to 50% of the day and another 30% just lying around awake, so deciding how and where your dog will spend all that time is an important decision.

    What size dog bed should I get?

    You will want to provide your dog with enough space to lay comfortably in all-natural positions. A great way to figure out the exact size is to measure your dog from nose to tail while it's sleeping. Take that number and add another 20-30cm and voila, you’ve now determined the ideal diameter for your dogs' bed. If your dog isn’t fully grown when measuring and you do not want to buy a small bed now and then replace it once your dog has outgrown it there is an easy solution. Get the larger bed and add blankets and padding to it. This will help keep your puppy warm and cozy whilst feeling secure.

    What type of dog bedding is ideal for my dog?

    “Dog beds” is one of the largest departments in the dog accessories market. If you want to choose the one most suitable for your dog you will need to know what to pay attention to. Here, your dog’s sleeping style is an important aspect of your decision-making process. If your pet likes to cuddle up or digs itself a little nest, he or she will need a smaller bed with sides to lean on or cuddle against. A dog that sleeps completely stretched out, on the other hand, will obviously need a larger bed.

    What material should a dog bed be?

    Just like us a dog prefers their bed to be well padded and made from a comfortable material. Besides being comfortable you should take your dog's health and preferences into consideration.

    Dogs Age: An older dog might benefit from an orthopedic bed that is specifically designed to cater to sore joints and arthritis. Their high-density memory foam will offer your dog comfort and structural support. If you have a puppy or an older dog that is incontinent a waterproof bed might be the best choice. We know how hard it can be to part from something we have gotten so used to…. So alternatively, you can purchase a waterproof cover that you can place over your dog's beloved bed.

    Nowadays you will find dog beds in every variety and material imaginable. Have a dog that tends to smell? Think about purchasing a cedar-filled bed. This material will repel odors and can transfer its odor during your dog sleeps on the bed. – It’s a win-win situation for both you and the dog.

    Dog Type and Climate: A longer-haired dog especially one kept in a warmer climate might tend to overheat during the night which interrupts its sleep. A dog bed with an integrated cooling pad could be an ideal solution and offers your pawed friend a cozy place to nap and a chance to cool off from the heat. A meshed cot might be something to consider as well. They allow air to flow from beneath the dog – just the cooling breeze your pet might need.

    Dogs Behavior: If your dog is a chewer and is prone to destroying things you might want to consider going for a cheaper simpler bed without all the extras. Take the time to see how your dog treats its bed. When you think he or she is ready and can handle a more delicate bed then its time to upgrade.  

    Taking care of your pawed friend is important but you will need to consider your own needs as well to ensure that both of you keep a cool head and can enjoy your time together. A dog’s bed needs to be cleaned often. It is advisable to wash the covers every week or two. To easily clean hair, odors, fleas, and dirt the cover of the bedding should be easily removable.

    Most common dog bed types and for what type of sleeper they are made for

    The Donut bed: A donut bed is round-shaped with raised plushy sides. Hence donut-shaped. These types of beds are a great choice for little dogs that like to snuggle and curl up. The raised sides prevent breeze, the fluffy fabric will help to keep your little friend nicely warm and the raised sides prevent your pet from slipping off. 

    A great allrounder is our super soft donut bed. Its raised rim provides head and neck support while the soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. This bed will not only help relax your dog but will look great in whichever room you place it.

    The Cave: These beds are semi-covered and the ideal bedding type for a dog that seeks some alone time. They provide great shelter and are a perfect hide-away for a stressed-out dog. An anxiety-prone dog will probably learn to love these cave-style dog beds. 

    Check out our “BANANA PET BED” the ideal bed for little pooches and other small to medium-sized breeds that love to snuggle. The flamboyant design and the striking colors will enlighten every room and are sure to be a conversation starter when friends come to visit.  

    The Pillow Bed : 

    A pillow bed comes in every size and color imaginable. They can come in the form of a simple dog mat, a thick blanket, or a fluffy mattress. These beds are oversized pillows with a loose filling. The shape and form are ideal for large dog breeds that tend to stretch out to sleep. 


    When looking for a suitable bed for your dog you should take some time and consider the options available. A dog bed is not just an accessory but an item that is meant to provide your pet with a sense of security, comfort, and relaxation. A good dog bed can last for many years so consider one that complements your interior design. This way your dog and you will fully reap the benefits of this important item!

    Still unsure which dog bed suits your pup? Let us know in the comment section below and we will make sure to guide you through the purchase.