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    14 Fascinating Facts About Siamese Cats

    The Siamese cat is instantly recognizable even for non-cat fanatics. Their sleek and elegant look, their lovely personality and creamy coats have made them some of the best-known cats around the world.  
    But there is far more than looks to these blue-eyed beauties that have fascinated humans for centuries and made them one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats.
    They are one of the most social cat breeds out there and are known to be very friendly, outgoing and curious.
    If you want to learn more and get to know this lovely breed a little better – read on!
    Here are the 14 exciting facts:

    They come from Royalty

    Siamese Cats are Royalty

    Although no one is entirely certain when and where Siamese cats were first domesticated, it is believed that this breed has its root in Thailand around the 14th century.  

    Legend has it that the Siamese cat a descendent from sacred temple cats. These legendary temple cats of the King of Siam were not only precious to the King but were used as actual guard cats.

    Siamese were perched on high columns that surrounded the Kings throne and would fiercely attack anyone that threatened the King.

    Because of their sheer size, strength and their ability to jump and leap from height, they would often knock the person on the floor and if necessary scratch the face of their victim.

    Siamese are very loyal

    It might have to do with their history and origin. Perhaps protecting their master is in their blood? They most definitely act that way.

    Unlike many other cat breeds, the Siamese can become very emotionally attached to their owners and are known to be one of the most loyal cat breeds today.

    They are affectionate cats who just love to spend time with their humans and often even demand it.

    Some Siamese will entirely devote themselves to one particular person and follow them wherever they go.

    So if you are a cat person but would love to have a very clingy yet lovely pet, the Siamese can be the perfect match for you. If you are considering a Siamese, adopting two of these very sociable cats is highly recommended.

    These cats just thrive on companionship and will cherish their time with a feline friend.

    Siamese are very vocal

    If you are the proud owner of Siamese cats or have spent some time with one, then you know how very talkative cats they are.

    Siamese cats are known to vocalize their opinions on close to everything. Whether it is food, something they have seen outside or an urgent need for cuddles, they will raise their (low-pitched) voice for basically anything they may encounter during the day.

    Trust me; if a Siamese wants something, it will most certainly not be shy about letting you know.

    Siamese are great for families with children

    Siamese are family cats

    Not only are these cats loyal, but they are clever too. A Siamese will be able to understand that a baby is part of the family and are known to develop a protective instinct towards them.

    If you teach a child how to treat a cat with respect and care, it will be returned by this lovely breed.

    Siamese can live long

    Siamese Cat Old

    While an average housecats lifespan ranges anywhere between 13-17 years, a Siamese can live to anywhere between 15-20 years.

    That is, of course, they are well-taken care for, fed properly and given the attention they need.

    Fun Fact: Scooter, the Siamese Cat, lived to be 30 and is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living cat.

    So if you are on the lookout for a best friend that will be around for a long time, a Siamese cat can be just what you are looking for.

    Siamese are very intelligent cats

    Siamese Cats are Intelligent

    Siamese is known to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds today. Lookup any of the "most intelligent cat lists", and you will always find this breed at or close to the top.

    With their intelligence, they can easily be thaught some great tricks.

    It isn't unusual to find a well-trained Siamese cat that knows how to fetch can perform tricks and will walk happily on a harness. They are intelligent, and they enjoy learning these new skills.

    This means that if they do not get enough stimulation, such as cat mazes, games or cat puzzles, they will find whatever they can to occupy themselves. So don't be surprised to find that your entire house has been flipped upside down.

    Siamese enjoy water

    Siam Cats love Water

    Yes, you heard that right. Siamese are often so curious and playful that they don't mind getting a little wet.

    While all cats are attracted to the sound of running water, because it's their instinct, they usually do hate getting wet. Even if some hate being wet, they will not be able to suppress their curiosity in will never shy away from playing with water.

    While on the subject of water. Siamese cats prefer the taste of running water as opposed to the water in a cat bowl. It's in most cats DNA to seek out running water because it is much safer to drink than something from a puddle.

    Their coat is affected by temperature

    Siam Cat Colour

    This breeds very distinct markings are not only determined by its inherited genes but are also affected by temperature.

    Siamese have temperature-based pigments that dictate its coats patterns.

    Hence you will often see these felines with lighter-coloured torsos (because of higher temperature) and darker extremities.

    Siamese have difficulties seeing in the dark

    Siamese have bad eyesight

    While most cat breeds have excellent night vision, the Siamese has difficulties distinguishing things in the dark.

    The culprit behind this – The very same pigment that causes their eyes to be this stunning blue colour also is the reason for their weakened eyesight.

    On top of that, they also lack the special tapetum lucidum layer which aids other cats to see better in the dark. This layer allows more light to get through their retinas.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case for Siamese cats, and bad eyesight is a problem for most Siamese.

    Siamese kittens are born white

    siam kittens are born white

    Siamese kittens come to the world in pure white. Only after around four weeks, they start to develop their signature markings.

    The Siamese cat looked quite a bit different

    siam cats used to look different

    For a long time, the Siamese had crossed eyes and a crooked, kinked tail.

    These traits were, of course, the result of genetic mutations, but it also has a much more vivid explanation.

    Legend has it that a group of Siamese cats had the task of guarding a golden royal goblet.

    During their duty, these cats stared wich such concentration and intensity onto said goblet that their eyes started to cross. As dedicated as these cats were, they wrapped their tails around it with such force that their tails became permanently bent.

    Siamese are incredible jumpers

    Siam Cat jump

    Their long and slender bodies make this cat breed the perfect high-performing athlete. These cats are known to perform some jaw-dropping jumps and leap off incredible hights with utmost precision and agility.

    If you've ever been around a Siamese, you've probably witnessed how fascinated with heights they are.

    If you want to keep these curious bundles of energy happy and healthy, you are best advised to prepare some perches, cat trees and high surfaces for them to keep occupied and well-entertained.

    The Siamese was one of the first breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association

    beautiful cats

    The cat association that has launched in 1906 and had only recognized half a dozen breeds at the time – among them: The Persian, The Manx, Burmese, Abyssinian, Russian blue AND the Siamese.

    All Siamese cats have blue eyes

    As mentioned previously, Siamese cats are temperature-sensitive albinos. And albinism traits show in the eyes as well.

    In general, cats will have pigmented cells in their eye layers, and there are two of them (the stroma and epithelium).

    Most cats that do have blue eyes have at least pigmentation in the lower layer of the eye.

    Siamese, on the other hand, do not have any pigmentation at all.

    Hence even though you might have seen cats with blue eyes, the eye colour of Siamese are very distinct.


    Looking at the 14 facts listed above, it is no wonder why the Siamese cat is among the most popular cat breeds.

    If you are currently looking for a cat and want a loyal companion, know that this breed will surely bring a lot of joy and love to your family.