Dog Nail Care

We all deserve a manicure and pedicure every now again, right? Well, believe it or not, our dogs need them too! And we should be trimming and filing their nails a lot more frequently than you’d expect.

Vets recommend trimming your dogs’ nails at least once a month to keep them healthy and prevent injury to both you and your dog. It can be really difficult to get hold of reliable, easy to use dog nail clippers that allow you to trim your dog’s nails without causing them too much stress. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here at I am Paws.

Our range of dog nail trimmers and dog nail filers has something to suit every dog - even the ones who hate getting their nails clipped! Whether you have a large dog with huge paws or a miniature puppy who requires delicate clipping, there’s something for every breed in our collection of dog nail clippers.

One of the easiest to use products in our range are the handy Pet Nail Clippers. These dog nail clippers have been specially designed to help keep your dog calm and relaxed whilst trimming their nails, no matter how long they are!

Shop our range of dog nail trimmers today, and get Free Shipping on any order you place with us.