Dog Grooming & Hair Care

As many pet owners will know, having a dog or puppy comes with so many benefits. From cuddling up on the sofa or watching them dream as they take a nap in the afternoon, to going out for walks and playing games until you’re both tired out! But with these pros also comes a couple of cons... Most of which involve a tonne of cleaning up.

If you’ve found yourself hesitating before petting your dog because you don’t want to ruin your new pair of black jeans - we feel you. That’s why we make sure to provide the best dog grooming tools including dog hair cutters and dog hair clippers so that you don’t have to worry about their shedding fur or dirty tails anymore!

One of our highest rated dog grooming tools is the Soft Pet Brush Glove. This innovative solution is great for making your dog’s grooming experience much more positive and enjoyable for both of you. This glove allows you to remove your dog’s excess hair whilst stroking them, which is ideal for those dogs who tend to run away when they see their dog brush or hide when they hear the word bath! 

Another great dog grooming tool is our portable electric Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner. This handy gadget is a great way to safely groom your dog, reduce shedding and give them a massage at the same time! As well as grooming, this tool is also great for cleaning up pet hair from around the house, on furniture and clothing. 

If you’re looking for a new dog hair cutter or dog hair clipper, check out our range now, and shop today for Free Shipping straight to your door!