Cat Tooth Care

As any cat owner will know, it’s so important to make sure your cat’s teeth and gums are healthy and clean. This can help prevent disease and pain for your cat, helping to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible. 

We know how tricky it can be for animal owners to clean their pets’ teeth regularly, especially if your cat is a little feisty or difficult to trick into having them brushed! If this sounds like you - don’t worry, our range of cat toothbrushes and cat tooth care accessories has got your back. 

One of the most important parts of brushing your cat’s teeth is making it fun! And that’s exactly what our very own I am Paws Cat Toothbrush has been designed to do. Shaped like a fish to attract your cat’s attention, this cat toothbrush is the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to brush their cat’s teeth. It works by eliminating bacteria, plaque and tartar buildup whilst your cat chews and plays with it, making light work of what’s usually a pretty big task! What’s more, you get a free pod of catnip with your order for your furry friend to enjoy. 

So have a browse of our awesome range of cat toothbrushes today to find the right cat tooth care accessories for you and your kitty. If you shop with today, you’ll also get Free Shipping on any order!