Cat Nail Care

Cats and kittens may only be small, but their scratches sure can sting! One minute you’re playing catch or petting them, and the next you’re covered from head to toe with scratches. This is a real issue for many cat owners, particularly for families with small children, as a scratch from a cat can really do some damage. 

If this has happened to you, then it sounds like it may be a good  time to get your cats claws trimmed. This doesn’t always need to involve a trip to the vet, or hours of fuss and battling with your cat. Instead, you can cut your cat’s nails yourself at home using a pair of handy cat nail clippers and cat claw trimmers! 

One great option is our Pet Nail Trimmers, which have been specially designed to enable you to safely cut and trim your cat’s nails without causing them stress. They’re really easy to use and hassle-free, allowing you to wave goodbye to scratches and hello to unlimited cuddles and playtime with your kitty! 

If you’ve never used cat nail cutters before, don’t worry - they’re really straight forward and come with all the instructions you need. If you’re unsure of which cat nail trimmers would be best for your pet, just let a member of our team know using our Contact Us page and we’ll be more than happy to advise you. 

So why not have a browse of our cat nail clippers now to find the perfect option for you? Also, if you place your order today, we’ll ship it out to you free of charge!