Cat Carriers

If there’s one thing that’s certain about us cat lovers - it’s that we wish we could bring our cats with us everywhere we go! So guess what? With our range of cat carriers and cat slings, now you can! It’s never been easier to travel with your beloved four-legged friend, so have a browse of our collection today and find the perfect cat travel carrier for you. 

Whether you want to bring your cat to work with you, take them to the vet or take them round to a friend or family member’s house for a visit, our cat travel carriers are a great solution. Available in a wide range of sizes, designs and styles to suit cats of any age and breed, our cat travel carriers are both super comfortable and secure. What’s more, they’ve been specially designed to fit neatly in your car, so you’ll be able to keep your cat company whilst you travel with them. 

Our cat slings are also a great way of transporting your cat or kitten. With a secure strap sitting comfortably over your shoulder, your cat can get curled up and relax inside of the sling whilst you carry on with your day! Our cat slings are made from strong, yet comfortable fabric, giving both you and your cat peace of mind whilst on your travels. 

Shop our collection of cat slings and cat carriers today and get Free Shipping on any order you place across our entire site!