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    Most Popular Dog Breeds Statistics

    Dogs are one of the most popular animals in the world with many people loving and caring for them. The recent pandemic has fueled even more people to decide they would like a furry friend by their side, the majority turning to Google to do their research.

    We could talk about dogs all day, really, but let’s just keep it fairly quick for you.

    Popular Dog Breed Statistics - The Quick Version

    Here’s a quick rundown on our findings, however, we promise the rest of the article is just as interesting!

    • The French Bulldog is the breed most searched for on Google over the last year (according to data from
    • The second most searched breed across the nation is the Cane Corso
    • The most registered breed in 2020 was the Labrador Retriever (AKC registrations)
    • The most Instagrammable dog breed is the French bulldog with, as of March 2021, more than 30 million posts hashtagged #frenchbulldog

    Most Popular Dog In The USA Based on Google Searches

    Ok, ok… so we know that searching something on Google doesn’t mean you’re going to go and get one. But we took at look at the average numbers of searches per month in Google USA (across the country and then state by state) using to find the most searched breeds.

    French Bulldogs are the most popular dog breed searched on Google in the past 12 months in the USA. There have been 1,320,000 average monthly searches for Frenchies.

    The Cane Corso comes extremely close behind with 1,230,000 average monthly searches in the past 12 months.

    Third most popular is the Greyhound with 1,140,000 average monthly searches.

    Most Searched Dog Breed By State

    Although the Cane Corso is only the second most searched dog on Google in the USA, it’s actually the most popular searched dog in MORE states than the French Bulldog as you can see below.

    Most Searched Dog Breed by State (Average Monthly Searches)

    Even though the Greyhound is 3rd most popular in the USA as a whole, the Australian Shepherd does in fact get searched more in multiple states.

    Most and Least Popular Dog in Terms of Online Searches

    In the USA, the least popular dog is the Plott Hound. This poor dog has only been searched a monthly average of 1700 times in the past 12 months. As you can see below, the Plott Hound has never really been popular at all since 2004. The French Bulldog has had a clear gradual rise to popularity compared.

    The Greyhound was actually more popular than the French Bulldog and Cane Corso in 2004 onwards. It was only until around 2008 when the Frenchie overtook the Greyhound to be searched more. 

    The Cane Corso was actually fairly level with the Greyhound from around 2010 until more recent years where the Cane Corso has taken over.

    It’s clear from the graph, though, that the French Bulldog is a clear winner in the popularity race.

    Most Instagrammable Dog Breed

    If you’d like to own a dog based on how popular it is on Instagram, it may come as no shock that the French Bulldog is the most popular dog on Instagram in terms of how many posts per hashtag.

    The Frenchie has a huge 31 million posts on the app for the #frenchbulldog (as of March 2021)

    This is followed by the Chihuahua which only has a couple million less posts with 29.2 million at the same point in time.

    Most Popular Dog By Registration

    The top 3 most registered dogs in the USA in 2020 according to American Kennel Club (AKC) is:

    • Labrador Retriever in 1st place.
    • The French Bulldog in 2nd.
    • Followed by the German Shepherd in 3rd

    This doesn’t correlate too much as the Labrador Retriever is only 33rd on the most searched dogs in America in the past 12 months. However, this could be due to the fact that because it’s a fairly popular dog, people don’t need to search it and research them as much.

    Dog Breed Legislation

    The Cane Corso is banned in many states. These include: Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Vermont and Delaware.

    Although the breed is banned in multiple states, it still remains the most searched breed, with some really high search volumes, in some of those states.

    All in all, the French Bulldog is a clear winner when it comes to popularity. It’s clear that it takes the lead in terms of social media platforms too. Even though the Cane Corso is banned in many states, it’s still extremely popular to search in America.

    However, we hope this information might help you to decide on a dog breed you may want yourself one day. Have fun!

    Methodology and Caveats

    Search volume data is based on research carried out in The full data sheet is available to download here.


    • Searching for something doesn’t mean you’re going to buy it! So when we talk about popularity in search terms, we know this doesn’t necessarily equate with ownership metrics (hence using AKC data for registrations to determine the most popular breed by ownership
    • We searched for the numbers based on the full name of each breed. But of course, while some may search “labrador,” others might search “labrador retriever,” and additional ones could even search things like “black lab” or “golden lab.” There are likely to be variants we’ve missed across each breed but we had to standardise somehow and did so by just looking at searches around the breed’s official name. You can see all the data in the spreadsheet